Dramatic Changes in 21st Century Pentecostal Dating

The dating changes in the latter half of the 20th century and the 21st century have dramatically affect Pentecostal dating. While there is no fundamentalist practice within the church that defines the practice of dating among its singles, the fact that so many previous methods of meeting new people has made an enormous difference. Busy lifestyles and less involvement in church activities have changed the means by which singles of all religious beliefs are able to connect to one another. There is more pressure to become successful in one’s career rather than to meet the right person and marry—this pressure is not limited to only the males as it was in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Is it still possible for a Pentecostal single to remain true to the teachings of his or her church while seeking a life partner? The process is more difficult with the pressure exerted on singles to engage in pre-marital sex and live together before marriage, but there are still some traditional Christians within the Pentecostal church who desire to adhere to the Biblical teachings regarding dating and marriage. Even as late as the turn of the 20th century it was still common for dating to take place at the home of the female, and in some cultures even hand holding was forbidden unless the couple was engaged. 

Changes in dating are not limited to just Pentecostal singles nor is it limited to only one country—the problem exists worldwide. There are only a few countries where women are discouraged from working and prepped only to marry and have children, but for the most part the problem of finding a suitable dating partner exists throughout the civilized world. Men and women are faced with the dilemma of where to meet new people and how to assess their suitability as a lifetime partner. 

The number of professional women in today’s society also has a detrimental affect on the number of available single women per single man. The reason for this is because many women are choosing not to marry or are marrying later in life, so many men are having more difficulty finding Pentecostal singles to date. Women today are more independent and don’t have the need to marry while more professional men are seeking marriage often because they are looked at more favorably in the business world.

In order to compensate for these changes in dating many Pentecostal singles of both genders are turning to online dating. Even those who are choosing not to marry are still interested in the pleasure of casual dating, and online Pentecostal dating sites help both men and women find those singles that are most likely to fit into their lifestyles. Reading the profiles of potential dating partners will allow the seeker to find those men and women who share the same interests and are looking for the same kind of relationship whether it’s casual dating or a long term relationship leading to marriage. 


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